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Onto the next round!

What do you do after building something incredible? You do it again!

After some changes in our team, we are planing on participating in the next "Over the dusty Moon Challenge" !

System shipped with DHL


From Aachen to the US

After long hours of production we handed over our system to our partner DHL, who will ship the system regONE to the Finale in Denver, Colorado.

We would like to thank DHL and Gmöhling for their support of our team!


Meeting with minister Andreas Pinkwart

Today we had the chance to present our project and some already finished parts to Mr. Andreas Pinkwart the minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. We were also pleased to welcome the chancellor of RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY Mr. Nettekoven and former rector of our university Mr. Schmachtenberg.


New team members & start of production

After testing an we were in a hurry to build our system since we had a hard deadline with the finale. Therefore we extended our team by three people - welcome Karen, Kjeld and Malte!

Last but not least we would love to thank RWTHs Institute SLA for providing us their lab for the production!


Testing has started


Submission Completed


Colorado School of Mines announces staging of Over The Dusty Moon Challenge

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